One of the few remaining Traditional and Educational Martial Arts Tournaments where Character and Behavior are as important as Physical Skill.

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10 Reasons why you should choose the American Warrior Martial Arts Tournament :
1-   Open to ALL ages, ranks, schools and martial art styles (proper attire is required for all competitors).
American Warrior entry fees are less expensive than many other tournaments. It is one of the best organized and efficiently managed tournaments in the country. Registration runs very quickly and a typical American Warrior Tournament starts at 10:00 am and ends approximately by 2:00 pm. No morning starts and evening finishes as it is with many other l-o-n-g tournaments.
3-  The American Warrior is one of the rare few remaining traditional martial arts tournaments. What does 'traditional' mean? Grand Master Richard J. Lewis' definition is
"any martial art or martial event that primarily focuses on what he considers the most important part of a person... inner strength, which is comprised of self-esteem, self-confidence,
self-respect, discipline, determination, honor and courage." The achievement of these attributes results in the development of positive character and healthy behavior, which Grand Master Lewis believes is just as important as physical skill. Positive character and healthy behavior is what every parent wants for his/her children. Because Grand Master Lewis believes in this so strongly, he has made every competitor's character and behavior a part of the judging and refereeing criteria in every American Warrior Traditional Martial Arts Tournament.
4-   Absolutely HONEST and FAIR!  Judges and Referees (officials) are to be respected for their ranks and years of experience and in turn they convey respect, concern and care to each competitor and his/her performance. Officials give all competitors their non-biased, focused, non-distracted attention and a consistency and continuity in scoring and refereeing for all performances. Non-compliant officials are replaced. Disrespectful competitors are disqualified.
5-   SAFE!  Injuries are extremely rare. Should an injury occur, it will be the result of an accident, NOT anger or a premeditated act.
Any violator is disqualified immediately. No exceptions.
6-   NO POLITICS!  Students compete for personal betterment, not political benefit.
7-   It uses a revolutionary judging system created
over a decade ago, by Grand Master Lewis, that is unique to the American Warrior only... for details see Philosophy & Competition Policy. The totality of a competitor's performance and behavior (5 elements) is taken into consideration for scoring... not just a number pulled out of the air, with no rhyme or reason, as it is in most other tournaments, that results in the probability of unintentional or intentional bias.
... all competitors tournament day are each others symbolic family. For the duration of the tournament, they are each others spiritual brothers and sisters. They compete to the best of their ability, while being respectful, protective and supportive of each other. Non-compliant competitors are penalized.
9-   EDUCATIONAL... competitors are comforted and assisted by tournament judges and
referees. They are given non-biased advice and direction that will help them become better future competitors.
10-  The American Warrior awards are custom made medallions (pictured above)... NOT cheap, generic medals, which are common in many other tournaments.

"To win one hundred victories
in one hundred battles is not the highest skill.
To defeat your enemies
without ever having to touch them is."


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